Chronic Pain Study Group

Motivated by the ever-rising challenge of chronic musculoskeletal pain to Australian clinical rheumatology, the CPSG is a long-standing group of ARA rheumatologists and allied health professionals, both academic and non-academic, which informally communicates via an email loop about scientific, clinical and medico-political news and issues of relevance, historically having conducted mini-symposia at ARA ASMs.
The CPSG aims to not only educate its membership about advances in the field, but that of the ARA in general. It also aims to collegially support research efforts of its members. It actively advises the ARA Board on pain-related matters and promotes participation by the ARA membership in painSTAR (pain School for Translation And Research). More information on painSTAR can be found here.

Musculoskeletal pain science is currently going through many exciting paradigm shifts, which are relevant to rheumatological practice.

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