Princess Alexandra Hospital

Training Positions



Current Trainee/s

Dr David Pietsch


Patient Services per Standard Week

Clinics: New Cases, 2 returns split into CTDs and Inflammatory arthritis, separate axial SpA clinic, Early Arthritis, hot/post-discharge. Monthly combined Rheum-Ophthalmology.


Requirements for On Call/  Afterhours (including weekends)

Hospital rotating roster: weekdays and Saturday morning ward rounds once every 3-4 weeks


Education Activities

Weekly clinical meeting, monthly radiology and second monthly histology


Teaching Responsibilities

Weekly Medical Student clinical signs bedside tutoring


Research Interests of Unit

RA basis sciences and clinical


Head of Unit

Name: Phillip Vecchio

Phone: 07 3176 5721




Phillip Vecchio, James Gray, Ranjeny Thomas, Helen Benham, Martin Devereaux, Chin Ng, Amee Sonigra, Louise McCormack.



Qld Health RMO Programme


Flexible Training

Preferably not