Westmead Hospital

Training Positions

2 AT positions.
Each AT spends six months based at Westmead Hospital, with the other six months covering clinics and consults at Blacktown / Auburn Hospitals.


Current Trainee/s

Dr Michael Yoon
Dr Patrick Baquir


Patient Services per Standard Week

Inpatients 5-10 / week
Consults 5-10 / week
Outpatient clinics 4-5/week


Requirements for On Call / Afterhours (including weekends)

Nil for Rheumatology.
Participates in the after-hours medical overtime roster, which includes weekends and evening shifts.


Education Activities

Weekly case meeting / educational seminar.
Weekly research meeting.
Fortnightly alternating radiology / histopathology meetings.
Participates in fortnightly Paediatric Rheumatology clinics.
Monthly ILD meeting and pulmonary hypertension clinics.


Teaching Responsibilities

Teaching and supervision of medical students and resident medical officers assigned to Rheumatology.
Involvement in USYD MSK teaching blocks. Further involvement at USYD & WSU optional.
BPT teaching and FRACP examination preparation.


Research Interests of Unit

Crystal arthritis, osteoporosis, biologics, vaccination, MSK ultrasound and medication adherence. Involvement with Clinical Trials.


Head of Unit

Name: A/Prof Peter Wong

Phone: 02 88908099

Email: Peter.Wong2@health.nsw.gov.au



A/Prof Wong - biologics, osteoporosis, vaccination, MSK ultrasound, pulmonary arterial hypertension
Prof Manolios - Basic research in immunopathology of rheumatic diseases; drug design and delivery; nanoparticles; cannabinoids; gene therapy
Prof David Spencer - General rheumatology
Dr Haesung Bak - Myositis
Dr Ken Cai – Crystal arthritis
Dr Wendy Lau - Back pain / Gout
Dr Beverly Ng – Microbiome and psoriatic arthritis
Dr Shi-Nan Luong – Lupus/autoimmune connective tissue disease in pregnancy



Centralised recruitment for NSW/ACT training positions