Presidents' Prize for Collaborative Research

Definition and Eligibility

The President’s Prize recognises collaborative research endeavours within Australia. The Prize will be awarded every 3 years to a collaborative research group based upon the body of published work in a specific area of research by that group. The research should have been conducted predominantly within Australia and through Australian Institutions. The collaborative research endeavour may span a time period greater than the 3-year period preceding the award. Collaborations must be between ARA members across three or more institutions, with a preference for interstate collaborations. Applications involving interdisciplinary collaborations are encouraged OR if only 2 institutions, then collaborations must be interstate.

Applicants must be Full or Associate members of the ARA.


$5,000 plus a Medal and Certificate to Rheumatology Lead Investigator


Triennially (next 2024)


Any Member Category

Review Committee

  • ASM Programme Committee Chair
  • Research Committee and Scientific Advisory Board Chair
  • Arthritis Australia Scientific Advisory Panel Chair (or nominee)
  • ARA President

How to nominate

Applications from research groups undertaking collaborative research within Australia along with supporting documentation relating to research in the preceding three (3) years should be submitted to: 
The Honorary Secretary
Australian Rheumatology Association
Via email: 

Past Recipients

2024 OA Clinical Trials Network
2021 Australian Lupus Registry & Biobank
2018 Australian Scleroderma Interest Group
2012 Malcolm Smith