Parr Prize for Rheumatology Research Excellence

Definition and Eligibility

The award will be offered to an individual each three years for outstanding contribution by a financial ARA member, of any membership category, to rheumatology research. The award will be given for a body of productive research and selection will be based on the quality of the science and its impact. The researcher must be currently undertaking research in the area of rheumatology. Research should be conducted, at least in part, in Australia and the researcher should be based primarily at an Australian Institution. The applicant must have played a key role in the research as indicated by first / last authorship or principal / chief investigator status or other evidence to support their significant role in the research. The Parr Prize can only be awarded once to an individual.


$1000 plus Medal and framed certificate


Triennially (next 2025)

Application Process

The application should consist of a two-page summary of the research contribution and an assessment of its importance, together with a CV with evidence of appropriate published material to support the application.

All documentation must be supplied, and submissions forwarded to:

ARA Secretariat
Parr Prize Committee

The nominations will be considered by the ARA Award Committee consisting of:

  • ARA President
  • Two past Parr Prize recipients
  • A senior researcher who is not an ARA member from another discipline

Where possible, the Parr Prize Award Committee should be balanced according to gender.

Past Recipients

2022 Prof Catherine Hill
2019 A/Prof Mandana Nikpour
2013 Prof Lyn March
2010 Prof Flavia Cicuttini, Prof Graeme Jones and Prof Matthew Brown
2007 Prof Malcolm Smith and Prof Ian Wicks
2004 Prof Rachelle Buchbinder
2001 Prof Eric Morand
1998 A/Prof Ranjeny Thomas
1995 Joint recipients: Dr Gordon and Dr McCluskey
1992 Joint recipients: Prof Ric Day and Prof Les Cleland
1988 Prof Phillip Sambrook
1980 Prof John Edmonds, Dr Bashir, Dr Geczy
1974 Prof Ken Muirden
1971 Prof Ron Penny
1969 Prof Ken Muirden
1966 Prof Bryan Emmerson
1963 Dr Howard Duncan
1961 Dr S G Anderson

History of the Parr Prize

A history of the Parr Prize was published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Medicine, in its final volume in 2000. (The journal was subsequently renamed the Internal Medicine Journal )

Read/download the article here.