Royal Melbourne Hospital

Training Positions

Core Training: 2
Non-core: 2 SMR positions – 6 months Rheum RMH/ 6 months Gen med AT Albury Wodonga Health

Current Trainee/s

Pallavi Shamdasani
Jayne Moxley, Kate Findeisen (job share)
Benjamin Sutu (SMR)

Patient Services per Standard Week

Average inpatients: x per week
Average consults: x per week
Clinics: x clinics per week
Specialised clinics:

  • CTD clinic - weekly
  • Rapid access clinic – weekly
  • Urgent rheumatology clinic - weekly
  • Rheumatoid arthritis clinic – weekly
  • Spondyloarthritis clinic - weekly
  • Biologics clinic – weekly
  • Back pain assessment clinic – weekly
  • Gout telehealth clinic - weekly

Requirements for On Call / Afterhours (including weekends)

First on-call for rheumatology 1 in 3 weeks including weekend

Education Activities

Educational meetings:

  • Weekly rheumatology unit meeting including monthly radiology and pathology meetings
  • Weekly Grand Rounds:
  • Weekly professorial report:
  • Multidisciplinary team meetings

Teaching Responsibilities

Teaching of medical students and basic trainees
Organisation of annual rheumatology short case evening for RACP clinical exam preparation

Research Interests of Unit

Translational research and biobank
Imaging in GCA
Back pain

Head of Unit

Sabina Ciciriello


Rheumatology consultants

  • Sabina Ciciriello
  • Simon Chatfield
  • Jessica Day
  • Maree Micallef
  • John Moi
  • Gene-Siew Ngian
  • Shereen Oon
  • Ian Wicks

Rheumatology Nurse

  • Beatriz Pasqua

Administrative Assistant

  • Faye Sahin


Ability to do regional outreach as determined by availability


Training positions allocated by central Vic/Tas  selection process and match

Flexible Training

Opportunity for job sharing & part-time is supported