Fiona Stanley Hospital and Royal Perth Hospital

Training Positions

Core Training: 2

Current Trainee/s

Kylan Pathmanathan
Julia Murdoch

Patient Services per Standard Week

  • Average inpatients: 0-5 per week
  • Average consults: 15-10 per week
  • Clinics: 5 clinics per week
  • Specialised clinics:
  • FSH: Scleroderma, CTD, Gout, Early Inflammatory arthritis, Myositis, spondylarthropahy, injection, ultrasound
    RPH: osteoporosis, GCA, Ophthalmology clinic

Requirements for On Call / Afterhours (including weekends)


Education Activities

Educational meetings:

  • Weekly educational sessions at SCGH
  • Weekly Grand Rounds
  • Multidisciplinary team meetings:
  • Journal club: Monthly
  • Radiology meetings: monthly
    Difficult cases monthly

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Supervision of medical students per student term
  • Assist with RACP Divisional Written & Clinical Examination preparation – Rheumatology sessions

Research Interests of Unit

GCA, Scleroderma, gout

Head of Unit

Dr Helen Keen


Dr Janet Roddy
Dr Nicola Cook
Dr Andrew Taylor
Dr Andrew Lim
Dr Chinu Sharma
Dr Shereen Paramalingam
Dr Lauren Host
Dr Graeme Carroll

Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner: Ms Helen Marsden


Ability to do Outreach – as determined by availability


Training positions allocated by state selection panel.

Flexible Training

Yes -  Opportunity for job sharing & part-time is supported