ARA Research Fund

The ARA Research Fund is a charity dedicated to supporting and promoting innovative research in the field of rheumatology. If you wish to contribute and support our cause, you can make donations through our dedicated website.

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ARA Research Strategic Plan

ARA Research Strategic Plan 2022-2024

In 2021 the ARA Research Committee and ARA Board participated in 2 research strategy workshops to develop the ARA Research Strategic Plan for 2022-2024. The draft was then circulated to the ARA Membership for feedback. Many ARA Members provided feedback which was incorporated into the final version (link above). We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the final plan. 

The four key pillars identified in this strategic plan are:

  • Capacity Building
  • Culture
  • Collaboration 
  • Communication and Advocacy

The ARA Research Strategic Plan complements the ARA 2020-2023 strategic plan, which states the ARA is committed to facilitating high quality and relevant research in the field of rheumatology by expanding opportunities for member involvement and exploring avenues for collaboration with other professional groups.

ARA Funded Awards and Grants

Information on ARA funded and awarded grants are available here. This page has information on the President's Prize, Distinguished Service Medal, Parr Prize and the NEW Research Excellence Awards for early, mid and senior career researchers as well as the NEW Christina Boros Award for Paediatric Research.

The ARA Research Fund disburses grants annually for ARA members for rheumatological research through awards peer reviewed by the Arthritis Australia and RACP scientific review panels. For more information click here

ARA Letters of Support for Grant Applications

If  you require a letter of support from the ARA for a grant application, there is a procedure you must follow, details can be found here.