Prince of Wales Hospital

Training Positions

Core: 1


Current Trainee/s

Dr Arupam Ramen


Patient Services per Standard Week

Rheumatology inpatients: Daily ward rounds wth RMO support.

Rheumatology consults for Prince of Wales Hospital and Royal Women's Hospital.

Outpatients weekly clinics x 4: i) New patient general rheumatology, ii) Follow-up general rheumatology, iii) Vasculitis, iv) Post-discharge

Outpatient fortnightly clinics x 1: Paediatric rheumatology (at Sydney Children’s Hospital)

Optional outpatient fortnightly clinic x 1: Inflammatory eye/uveitis (at Sydney Eye Hospital)

Multidisciplinary clinical meetings: Interstitial lung disease, pulmonary hypertension, vasculitis



Requirements for On Call / Afterhours (including weekends)

Participate in the after-hours medical registrar roster

No rheumatology after-hours on-call


Education Activities

“Friday Group” clinical case meeting combined with St George Hospital, Wollongong Hospital and consultant rheumatologists in private practice - weekly

Department paper round / case discussion - weekly 

Radiology meeting - monthly

Journal club – monthly

Prince of Wales rheumatology AT teaching program – monthly

Musculoskeletal ultrasound

Multi-disciplinary meetings: Vasculitis, ILD, pulmonary HTN, uveitis

Grand rounds – weekly (presentations twice per year)

NSW ARA monthly teaching and clinical meetings


Teaching Responsibilities

Participate in the UNSW medical school teaching programme including delivering tutorials and bedside teaching

Involvement in the Basic Physician Trainee tutorial program, including supervising short cases and organising the rheumatology short case night

Emergency department registrar teaching

Supervision of Junior Medical Officers and Medical Students


Research Interests of Unit

Prince of Wales Hospital has research interests in vasculitis, medical education, complex autoimmune diseases and obstetric rheumatology. We are keen to tailor research projects to trainee interests.   

Recent projects have included:

  • Post-operative outcomes of patients with aortitis
  • Diagnositc accuracy of PET/CT scan for giant cell arteritis
  • Relationship between COVID-19 vaccination and the incidence of ANCA vasculitis
  • Steroid complications in patients admitted for gout
  • The First Nations experience of rheumatology services in a metropolitan hospital
  • Prevalence of neuropsychiatric SLE in psychosis patients with a positive ANA
  • Review of biologic and other DMARDs exposure in pregnant patients contacting the Royal Women’s Hospital for advice


Head of Unit

Name: Dr Anthony Sammel

Phone: 02-9382-4602




Dr Amel Katrib (general rheumatology, medical administration)

Dr Arvin Damodaran (medical education)

Dr Jim Bertouch (spondyloarthritis)

Dr Pauline Habib (general rheumatology) 

Dr Anthony Sammel (vasculitis, inflammatory eye disease)



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