Position Sought

I am currently a Sri Lankan based Consultant Rheumatologist with 10 years of expertise and
experience at this top level.

I have been judged to be “Substantially Comparable” to an Australian Consultant Rheumatologist by
the Royal Australian College of Physicians Overseas Trained Physicians’ pathway which requires me
to work in one of the above capacities provisionally for 1 year while being under peer review by 2
college approved specialists and would be awarded the FRACP and independent Consultant
Rheumatologist status in Australia if successful at the end of this period.

On the other hand, I am an Australian Permanent Resident with full work rights, as is my wife, and
our son is an Australian citizen by birth.

Therefore my aim is to find a suitable job in Australia and permanently migrate there with my family
as soon as possible.

I shall most certainly greatly appreciate any help I can receive with regards to the above.

I have attached my CV with contact details for your kind reference.

Thank you.
Yours Faithfully,

Dr. Shamin Lamabadusuriya(MD)
Consultant Rheumatologist

E: shaminl@hotmail.com

Position Sought - Registrar in Rheumatology

I am a dedicated physician with over nine years of clinical experience and nearly three years of specialty training in Rheumatology. Currently working as an acting consultant in Rheumatology and Rehabilitation at the premier health care center in Sri Lanka.  I am pursuing an opportunity to work as a Registrar in Rheumatology under a qualified supervisor in a specialized center for 1- year period in order to comply with my final stage of training prior to the board certification in Sri Lanka.

I meet the eligibility criteria for the short-term specialty training in accordance with the AMC/AHPRA guidelines.

My special interests include SLE and Rheumatoid arthritis and my team has been able to solve many challenging and interesting rheumatological presentations as can be seen from my resume. Recently we were able to accomplish the first-ever successful sympathectomy in Sri Lanka, for an SLE/Scleroderma overlap patient with resistant Raynaud's syndrome. I am keen on teaching undergraduates as well as postgraduates and excel in performing invasive and non-invasive Rheumatological procedures. My research audits and case presentations have enabled me to achieve national acclaim. I am an APLAR member and a young Rheumatologist in AYR. I have been in a leading role to initiate a research center for Rheumatology at the National hospital of Sri Lanka. Furthermore, my contribution and dedication have earned me the opportunity to become a voting panel member representing Sri Lanka in the preparation of guidelines for the management of Psoriatic arthritis in the APLAR region 2022. Currently, as a professional Rheumatologist, I have been offered the opportunity to establish and develop new Rheumatology and Rehabilitation units within the rural areas of the country.

I have attached my CV and contact details for your kind reference.

Kind regards!

Dineshika Sooriyaarachchi

+94 7125 12339



Sri Lanka.