Alfred Hospital

Training Positions



Current Trainee/s

Dr Luigi Zolio

Dr Rushab Shah


Patient Services per Standard Week

Average inpatients: 2-4per week
Average consults: 6-8 per week
Clinics: 5 clinics per week
Specialised clinics: Transplantation related gout, Cystic Fibrosis arthropathy, Haemophiliac arthropathy and HIV related diseases are conditions particular to the Alfred.


Requirements for On Call / Afterhours (including weekends)

None specified


Education Activities

Educational meetings:

  • Educational sessions: weekly
  • Grand Rounds:
  • Journal club: weekly
  • Radiology meetings: 1 per month
  • Multidisciplinary team meetings: n/a


Teaching Responsibilities



Research Interests of Unit

There is ample opportunity for registrars to undertake a well defined project that will result in a peer-reviewed publication. The current major research focus is in the understanding of factors that effect joint cartilage in health and disease and role of new imaging modalities in rheumatology. Other areas include inflammatory/connective tissue diseases, medical synovectomy in haemophiliac arthropathy, heat-shock/proteins in rheumatoid arthritis, steroid use in osteopenia in inflammatory joint disease, epidemiology of rheumatic diseases, computerised rheumatology data bases.

Head of Unit

Professor Flavia Cicuttini
Phone: 03 9903 0555






Training positions allocated by state selection panel.


Flexible Training