RACP Webinars 2021

2021 Webinars

An open and interactive discussion on the benefits of Rural Rheumatology and practical hints on how to start-up your own country clinic

12 July 21 - 7pm AEST

Rural patients continue to struggle to receive optimal medical care in 2021 and all specialties face the same dilemmas in providing optimal rural care. This webinar outlines how Rheumatologists attempt to address rural medical service provision inequities. Each speaker presents their practice of rural service provision both as physicians visiting rural areas and those living and working in rural Australia. A practical approach outlining how easy it is to set-up a rural clinic is also discussed.   

Speakers: Dr Simon Burnet, Dr Claire Barrett, Dr Sabina Ciciriello, Dr Joel Riley and moderated by Dr Louise Ward

Recording available here

An holistic approach to managing inflammatory arthritis

2 Aug 21 - 7pm AEST

The management of the patient with inflammatory arthritis can be complex requiring an holistic approach.  This webinar explores the different roles of nursing and allied health professionals in managing the patient with inflammatory arthritis. Join Linda Bradbury, Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner, Janet Millner, Physiotherapist, Dr Justin Holland, Exercise Physiologist and Dr Glen Whittaker, Podiatrist to learn how each of these health professionals collaborate with rheumatologists to enhance the care of patients with inflammatory arthritis.

Speakers: Linda Bradbury, Justin Holland, Janet Millner, Glen Whittaker

Recording available here

Pregnancy and contraception in patients with rheumatic disease

14 Sep 21 - 7pm AEST

"Pregnancy and contraception in patients with rheumatic disease'" plus panel discussion.

Speakers: Laurel Young, Claire Barrett, Shi-Nan Luong, Kate Poulsen

Recording available in the member's only education section here.

Vaccination in People with Rheumatic Disease

29 Nov 21 – 7pm AEDT

Speakers: Dr Sam Whittle (Chair), A/Prof Rebecca Grainger and A/Prof Pravin Hissaria

Listen on demand now to this ARA/NZRA webinar on vaccinations in rheumatic disease. A/Prof Grainger discusses strategies for supporting vaccination in patients with autoimmune rheumatic disease at the individual, clinic and community level. The presentation also covered identifying who should be vaccinated, what works to get them vaccinated and practical strategies for the vaccine hesitant. A/Prof Hissaria did an excellent talk on the science and practice of booster doses, focusing particularly on the COVID-19 vaccines.

Recording available here