Concord Repatriation General Hospital

Training Positions


  • One F/T Advanced Trainee position available for 2025
  • Two x 0.5 FTE flexible Advanced Trainee positions available for 2025

Current Trainee/s

  • Dr Darren Kong (Full time)
  • Dr Grace Bak (0.5 FTE)
  • Dr Stella Watson (0.5 FTE)

Patient Services per Standard Week

In-patients: 4 - 8
Daily ward management by BPT and RMO overseen by the AT

In-patient consults: 5-10 per week 
AT first call for consults during Mon-Fri business hours

Out-patient clinics –

  • Full time AT - 4 clinics per week (general Rheumatology)
  • Flexible ATs – at least 3 clinics per week (includes psoriatic arthritis and OACCP)


Requirements for On Call / Afterhours (including weekends)

Participates in general hospital medical afterhours for all ATs.


Education Activities

  • Journal Club – weekly (presenting ~ 1 in 8 weeks)
  • Case Discussion & Topic review - weekly (presenting 1 in 3 weeks)
  • Rheumatology Radiology and Nuclear Medicine meeting – weekly
  • M & M meetings – monthly
  • Consultant-led teaching - monthly
  • Rheum Gastro MDT – quarterly
  • Rheum/ILD – monthly
  • Present at Grand Rounds twice per year
  • Present at NSW ARA monthly meeting once per year.


Teaching Responsibilities

  • BPT Rheumatology lecture series – present lectures
  • Bed-side teaching BPT and RMO
  • Med 1 MSK clinical exam tutorials – 4 per year (MSK block)
  • Med students (variable years) – USyd and UWS (attached to team)
  • BPT rheumatology SCORPIO– 1 per year
  • Med student rheumatology SCORPIO– 1 per year


Research Interests of Unit

Research is encouraged – primarily clinical research conducted in the department.  Broad topics include Psoriatic arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Qualitative research, and Rheumatoid arthritis.  Clinical trials.  Affiliations with Institute of Musculoskeletal Health (IMH) and ANZAC Institute. 


Head of Unit

A/Prof Ana Ananda
Tel: 02 97676831



  • A/Prof Les Barnsley
  • Dr Barry Kane
  • Dr Dan Sumpton
  • Dr Richard Holland
  • Dr Cat Cho


  • Rewarding rotation with committed supervisors
  • Good clinical exposure.



Years 1, 2, 3 would be considered for this position; essential criteria (as per NSW Health)