Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Training Positions

Core Training: 1
Non-core: 0.4 (split with RAH site)


Current Trainee/s

Oscar Russell
Andrea Lyon (Non-core position)


Patient Services per Standard Week

Average inpatients: 0-3 per week
Average consults: 5-10 per week
Clinics: 5/6 (alternating) clinics per week
Specialised clinics:

  • CTD clinic
  • Rapid access – Yes
  • Procedural – N/A
  • Outreach –N/A
  • Biologics clinic – within RA and spondyloarthropathy clinics


Requirements for On Call / Afterhours (including weekends)

1 in 5 weekend day morning WR


Education Activities

Educational meetings:

  • Weekly Grand Rounds: Within health network
  • Monthly rheumatology Epidemiology Journal Club
  • Journal club: State organised
  • Radiology meetings: Fortnightly
  • Multidisciplinary team meetings: quarterly meetings with orthopaedics


Teaching Responsibilities

Medical students weekly teaching and in clinics
Basic Trainee attached to unit, tutorials around exam times
Assist with RACP Divisional Written & Clinical Examination preparation


Research Interests of Unit

Epidemiology, Giant Cell Arteritis, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Sjogren’s Syndrome, SLE


Head of Unit

Prof Catherine Hill

Email: Catherine.Hill@sa.gov.au



Title Name Surname FTE Job Title
Professor Catherine Hill 0.6 Head of Unit
Professor Maureen Rischmueller 0.6 Consultant Rheumatologist
Dr Sam Whittle 0.5 Consultant Rheumatologist
Dr Rachel Black 0.1 Consultant Rheumatologist
Dr Joanna Tieu 0.4 Consultant Rheumatologist
Dr Simon Burnet 0.2 Consultant Rheumatologist
Ms Sarah Schwetlik 0.3 Advanced scope physiotherapist
Ms Sally Ayres 0.2 Psychologist



Provide phone advice to GPs in hours



Training positions allocated by state selection panel.


Flexible Training

Job sharing Y (by negotiation)
Part-time Y (by negotiation)