Royal Perth Hospital

Training Positions

Core Training: 2


Current Trainee/s

Gowri Manoharan 
Izzie Ling


Patient Services per Standard Week

  • Average inpatients: 0-5 per week
  • Average consults: 10-12 per week
  • Clinics: 5 clinics per week
  • Specialised clinics:
  • CTD, Early Inflammatory arthritis,  Injection clinic, Osteoporosis, GCA, Inflammatory Eye (uveitis) clinic


Requirements for On Call / Afterhours (including weekends)



Education Activities

Educational meetings:

  • Weekly educational sessions at SCGH
  • Weekly Grand Rounds
  • Multidisciplinary team meetings:
  • Journal club: Monthly
  • Radiology meetings: monthly
  • Difficult cases monthly


Teaching Responsibilities

  • Supervision of medical students per student term
  • Assist with RACP Divisional Written & Clinical Examination preparation – Rheumatology sessions


Research Interests of Unit

GCA, CVS Risk in inflammatory arthritis/CTD, Gout


Head of Unit

Dr Zia ur Rehman



  • Dr Priya Chowalloor
  • Dr Helen Keen
  • Dr Andrew Taylor
  • Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner: Ms Helen Marsden



Training positions allocated by state selection panel.


Flexible Training

Job sharing - Yes
Part Time - No