Distinguished Service Medal

Definition and Eligibility

The ARA Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) is an award for distinguished and exceptional service to rheumatology in Australasia and elsewhere in some or all of the following areas: Training/Teaching; Educational; Administrative (ARA, Arthritis Australia or similar body); Clinical; Research.

The DSM is awarded to a senior member of ARA in good standing (membership of 20 years+) who may be currently retired from active practice.  


A medal plus certificate of acclamation signed by the current ARA President will be presented at ARA ASM Conference Dinner by the President.


Annually, up to 2 awards may be awarded.

Application Process

To be eligible for the ARA DSM the member needs to be nominated by three (3) current members of the ARA.  The nominations will be considered by the ARA Award Committee consisting of current President and three (3) Past Presidents of ARA (chosen by President).  Up to two (2) awards may be recommended by the committee each year.  

How to Nominate: Send a letter of nomination signed by three (3) members of the ARA and a copy of the nominee’s CV to:

The Honorary Secretary
Australian Rheumatology Association
PO Box 870
Via email:  ara@rheumatology.org.au 

Applications closed for 2022.

Past Recipients

2022 Lyn March
2021 Not awarded
2020 Geoffrey Littlejohn and Louis McGuigan
2019 Jack Edelman
2018 Susan Read and Raymond White
2015 James Bertouch
2014 Kathleen Tymms
2013 Prue Manners
2012 Ken Muirden
2011 Stephen Milazzo and Laurence Clemens
2010 John Hamilton
2009 Leslie Cleland and John Edmonds
2008 Andrew Brook
2007 Peter Brooks and Julien de Jager
2006 Bryan Emmerson
2005 John Hassall and Ray Robinson
2004 John B Webb
2001 Brian Corrigan and John York