Perth Children’s Hospital

Training Positions

PCH is accredited for Paediatric rheumatology training but there is no regularly funded position

Current trainee/s

One trainee on a research scholarship with 2 clinical sessions per week (combination of core and non-core training

Patient Services per standard week

Average inpatients: 1-2 per week
Average consults: 5 per week
Clinics: 6 clinics per week
Specialised clinics:

  • CTD clinic – 1/fortnight
  • Procedural – Theatre list once a fortnight

Requirements for On Call/Afterhours (in-cluding weekends)


Education Activities

Educational meetings:

  • Fortnightly rheumatology teaching/journal club
  • Weekly protected registrar teaching:
  • Weekly Grand Rounds:
  • Radiology meetings: Monthly
  • Multidisciplinary team meetings: Weekly and psychosocial meeting monthly

Teaching Responsibilities

Medical students
Basic Trainees (RMO and registrar)
Assist with RACP Divisional Written & Clinical Examination preparation

Research Interests of Unit


Head of Unit

Dr Senq Lee


Consultant Paediatric rheumatologists

  • Dr Senq Lee (HoD)
  • Dr Kevin Murray
  • Dr Pavla Walsh
  • Dr Emily Boulter

Rheumatology Nurse

  • Deborah Tunbridge

Allied health

  • Alison Morris (PT)
  • Caitlin Smith (OT)
  • Leasa Ashton (Liaison Teacher)




No funded position. Local trainees may apply for various positions that may allow clinical time in rheumatology. Non-local trainees who have external funding and are interested in training at PCH can contact the Head of Department via email.

Flexible Training

Part-time Y