Monash Health

Training Positions



Current Trainee/s

Dr. Talia Igel

Dr Kate Findiesen

Dr. Emily Martin


Patient Services per Standard Week

12 outpatients clinics per week

-6 general clinics

-6 speciality clinics  (Lupus*, Scleroderma, Fibromyalgia, RA, PsA*, Vasculitis*) (*multidisciplinary))


250 outpatient occasions of service per week

Average 5-8 inpatients at a time

Inpatient consults across 3 campuses


Requirements for On Call / Afterhours (including weekends)

24/7 1st on call shared between 3 ATs


Education Activities

Weekly unit meetings 

Weekly  campus-wide medical grand rounds

Monthly rheumatology group research meetings

Weekly campus-wide research meetings


Teaching Responsibilities

Medical students (Y3 and Y5) on placement


Research Interests of Unit

World renowned, and Australia’s leading, centre for lupus research including basic, translational and clinical. HQ of Australian Lupus Registry and AsiaPacific Lupus collaboration. Multiple PIs in top 1% of world rankings in lupus research.

Major national and international centre for research in scleroderma, fibromyalgia, PsA, vasculitis, RA; both leading and collaborating in significant projects. Major member of ASIC, national lead of Vasculitis registry, largest national FM database, multiple projects in RA comorbidity.

Average 4-6 clinician-PhD student fellows in the unit at any time across lab, biomarker, population, and clinical studies. 

Continuous NH&MRC funding since 1997.

Engaged in global clinical trials including as global or national PI as well as site.


Head of Unit

Name: Professor Eric Morand

Phone: 0385722560




Lupus: Prof Eric Morand, A/Prof Alberta Hoi, A/Prof Vera Golder, Dr Kathryn Connelly, Dr Sudha Raghunath, Dr Laura Eades.

Scleroderma: A/Prof Jo Sahhar, Dr Gene Ngian, Dr Diane Apostolopoulos

Fibromyalgia: Dr Emma Guymer, Dr Veronica Mezhov

Vasculitis: Dr Melissa Northcott

RA: Professor Michelle Leech

PsA: A/Prof Sally Ayoub, Dr Anna Antony

Infection prevention in rheumatology: Dr Ai Li Yeo 

General Rheumatology: A/Prof Lynden Roberts, Dr Tina Ko, Dr Daniel Boulos, Dr Leo Kyi, Dr Bita Omidvar and Dr Kristy Yap



For further information if HOD, not available please contact:
Dr Diane Apostolopoulos



Applications to Monash Doctors Workforce.

Matching by PostGraduate Medical Council of Victoria


Flexible Training

Yes, case by case.