Cairns Hospital

Training Positions

Core Training 1


Current Trainee/s

Anna Kermond


Patient Services per Standard Week

Average consults: 5 per week

Outpatient Clinics: 6 general rheumatology per week predominantly inflammatory arthritis, connective tissue disease, biologics


Requirements for On Call / Afterhours (including weekends)

N/A for rheumatology Participation in general medicine afterhours roster


Education Activities

Clinical reasoning/gr and rounds weekly, Monthly rheumatolog y/dermatolo gy/immunol ogy meetings, General radiology meetings 1-2 monthly, Journal Club


Teaching Responsibilities

4th year medical student teaching weekly, BPT education and training for FRACP


Research Interests of Unit

Gout management, Myositis, SLE, Geographical and social Barriers to managing inflammatory rheuma


Head of Unit

Name: Dr John Wood


Dr John Wood Myositis, CTD-ILD, Barriers to healthcare in rheumatology

Dr Trent Grundy, SLE, RA, PsA, AS



RMO Campaign QLD Health

Training positions allocated by State Panel


Flexible Training