ARA Grand Rounds Abstract Presentations – November 2020

Chaired by: Dr David Massasso and Prof Michelle Leech

Presentations by:

    Dr Shikta Dey
    Dr Jianna He
    Dr Michael Spies

ARA Allied Health Free Papers Abstract Presentations – October 2020

Chaired by: Dr Geraldine Hassett

Presentations by:

    Glen Whittaker
    Jason Rogers
    Danielle Berkovic
    Julia Gaudin and Gloria Spratt

ARA Clinical Free Papers – September 2020

Presented by:

    Prof Catherine Hill
    Dr Sabina Ciciriello
    Dr Beverly Ng
    Dr Ted Tsai
    Dr Julia Murdoch

ARA New Investigator Free Papers - August 2020

Presented by:

    A/Prof Helen Keen
    Dr Sudha Raghunath
    Dr Huai Leng (Jessica) Pisaniello
    Dr Camella Gunasingam
    Dr Sam Shan

Covid-19 - July 2020

Presented by:

A/Prof Philip Robinson


Living Evidence in Rheumatology - June 2020

Presented by:

Dr Sam Whittle