Policies and Procedures

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Co-Branding and Endorsement (August 2021)

This policy outlines the circumstances where the ARA agree to co-brand or provide endorsement and the procedures for authorising and publication of information or activities attributed to the ARA or containing the ARA logo. 

Media (August 2021)

This policy outlines the process all Directors, Members and Workplace Participants should follow in response to enquiries, protocols to be adopted when undertaking external communication activities, the type of issues on which ARA may comment and designated spokespeople for ARA. 

Privacy (August 2021)

This policy outlines how the Association collect, use and manage personal information gathered and/or stored in addition to providing information about how to access your personal information.

Sponsorship (July 2021)

The ARA relies on the generosity of sponsors to undertake much of its activities. This document outlines the ARA’s position with respect to receiving sponsorship. 

Whistleblower (August 2021)

This policy outlines what individuals should do if they wish to make a disclosure in relation to corporate misconduct and what protection is available to them.  


Positions Vacant (August 2021)

This procedure assists the ARA to process position vacant advertisement requests from non-members or external agencies/ organisations on the ARA website. 

Survey of Membership (August 2021)

This procedure assists the ARA to process surveys of ARA membership requests from members and non-members of the Association.