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November 2015

Paracetamol to be removed from PBS - Limbic 4th November 2015

October 2015

Professional bodies join forces on 'a' flagging - Limbic 12th October 2015

August 2015

Medical leaders meet to discuss MBS review - Limbic August 2015

Groups line up against 'a' flag - Pharma Dispatch 24th August 2015

Infliximab biosimilar recommended for PBS - Limbic 24th August 2015

July 2015

CHF concern on biosimilars - Pharmacy Daily 13th July 2015 (pdf)

DoH promises input to biosim campaign - Pharma in Focus 13th July 2015 (pdf)

Multiple switching of biosimilars a sticking point: ARA - the limbic 9th July 2015

Stakeholders gather for biosimilar consultation - July 7th 2015 (pdf)

June 2015

Australian patients part of a world first experiment – the limbic June 2015

Should a chemist be able to switch the medicine a doctor prescribed? – June 2015

ARA raises biosimilar switching concerns - Specialist Updates June 2015

Biosimilars Push Quarrel – Pharmacy Daily June 2015 (pdf)

Common sense should prevail - PharmaDispatch June 2015 (pdf)

Medicines Australia has made some mistakes, but the Government has been less than transparent and at times unnecessarily provocative in their recent approach to the research-based pharmaceutical industry.

Biosimilar debate still going - PharmaDispatch June 2015 (pdf)

The debate over biosimilars appears far from resolved, with industry, clinicians and consumers appearing far from satisfied with the latest clarifications from Health Minister Sussan Ley and the PBAC.

Don't give pharmacists power over biosimilars AJP - June 2015