Advanced Rheumatology Training

About Advanced Rheumatology Training

Rheumatology is the branch of internal medical dealing with the diagnosis and management of rheumatic and musculoskeletal disorders, including all forms of arthritis; inflammatory muscle disease; connective tissue disease (autoimmune and inheritable); auto-inflammatory disorders; spinal and soft tissue disorders; chronic musculoskeletal pain syndromes; and certain metabolic bone disorders, particularly osteoporosis.
While rheumatic diseases affect all ages from newborn to geriatric, chronic diseases, including musculoskeletal conditions, are on the increase as the population ages. Thus Rheumatology is a growing medical sub-specialty and one that provides great opportunities and challenges.


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Since 2002, arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions have been a National Health Priority Area in Australia. In 2011 it was recognised as the second most significant contribution to burden of disease in Australians.
In 2012, 6 million Australians (27% of the total population) reported one or more musculoskeletal diseases or conditions.
A majority of these, 17% of the total population, reported their problem or condition as being long term (of 6 months duration or more).
Arthritis and back problems were reported most commonly by 15% and 6% of the total population respectively.
Arthritis accounts for around 13% of the disability reported in Australia. Such disability has significant impact on core activities such as self-care, mobility and communication and impacts on schooling and employment.
Rheumatology offers diversity of practice and the opportunity to contribute to patient care as a member of a multidisciplinary team. It brings together acute and chronic care as well as hospital and ambulatory work. Opportunities for scientific and clinical research are also considerable, so too are those for teaching and work in public health.

How to apply for Advanced Training

The current requirements for advanced training in Rheumatology and how to apply to complete your training in Australia and New Zealand can be found on the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) website.

Training Opportunities

There are currently 36 sites in Australia (13 in NSW/ACT, 7 in Vic/Tas, 8 in Qld, 5 in SA and 3 in WA) where advanced training in adult rheumatology is carried out (1-2 trainees per site, giving 41 Core training posts) plus 3 accredited sites for paediatric rheumatology training (2 in Australia and one in NZ).

Descriptions of the advanced training programs available at a number of these sites can be accessed by the state below.