Privacy Statement

The Australian Rheumatology Association complies with the new national privacy legislation, The Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2001, effective 21 December 2001.

Personal information which members provide or which has been provided prior to 21 December 2001 will only be used or disclosed by the Association in accordance with the National Privacy Principles, for purposes directly related to membership of the Association including providing members with information about Association meetings and activities.

The Association will not disclose personal information to third parties. The Association will disclose information to other active members of the Association on request. Members information will only be displayed on the ARA website after they have signed a consent form to this effect. The Association maintains a members database as stated in the Constitution. Information on this database is used to notify members of meetings and inform members of information relevant to the Association.

In such circumstances the Association will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that the recipient handles such personal information in accordance with appropriate privacy principles and only for the purpose for which it was provided.

Future requests for any member to provide or update personal information will be accompanied by a request for the member’s consent for any disclosure of that information in accordance with the privacy legislation.